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Your Side Hustle Problem Solved

- It’s all about your home office workspace.


So you’ve got your home office sorted like many of us did over the last two years. But there is still something missing. It’s just not quite there.


Nice desk, chair, computer, backup drive or cloud subscription organised. Attractive folders, filing cabinet, pens, pencils, erasers, note pads, diary - or are you all electronic?

But it’s still just a space under the stairs, in a cupboard, by a window, in a shed etc. When you are there you don’t feel the spark, the excitement of what you hoped to achieve has gone? 

You just aren’t getting done what you hoped to. You need a bit more time. There’s still all the jobs to do around the home and now that people’s lives are getting back to normal, the domestic chores are piling up again.

You can’t afford to upgrade to a bigger, better, faster computer. You can’t face buying and learning that amazing software that will automate everything for you. What can you do? You need more hours in the day/ week.

 Don’t worry, I’ve got this for you. The answer’s quite simple. 
 Many top companies are using this strategy and you can too:- 
Use the 3 ‘P’s. 

Get a Picture and a Plant Pot. Have some art and nature (alright so it’s really ‘A’ and ‘N’) in the workplace. In fact it can be any form of art: ceramics, drawing, painting, photographs, sculptures or textiles.

Research has shown that having staff choose their own art and nature for their workspace can raise productivity by 15%. You are your own staff so it applies to you as well.

Fifteen per cent doesn’t sound a large amount but it’s like having an extra six hours in a forty hour week. Or almost an extra hour in a six hour day. That’s got to be worthwhile. 

Worried about the cost? 
Don’t be, you can pick up a small indoor plant very cheaply practically anywhere.
"But art is expensive"
Well it doesn’t have to be. Use your own drawings, paintings, sculptures or photos (link to Why You Should Print Your Photos). Cut out some scenes from a magazine and mount them on foam board, wood, or even some stiff card. Put them in an old photo frame. 

Use your children’s work from school; show them how much you value it. You can even buy nice prints online at a reasonable price. 

It will be fun to decorate your new space and making work fun is what it’s all about. You chose this side hustle because you enjoy doing it. Right? So make it fun and you will be successful because you will enjoy doing the work so it won’t seem like work. 

 Enjoyment is a vital part of well-being. 

Some art and plants make it ‘Your Space’. A sense of ownership is important. It is another part of mental well-being and mental well-being is so good for productivity.

Instead of your workspace being a place of dread it becomes your refuge, a place to go to to escape and be yourself. A place to pursue your dreams and show what you can achieve.

Set it up how you want it. Art doesn’t have to be a picture, it could be any small treasure that you already have that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your ‘public’ decor. 

Pictures don’t have to be large and expensive. Start small with an inexpensive print or postcard of something you like. 

Add a mount and frame and it starts to look special. Then add to it later with another similar piece when you need a boost. You are now an art collector.

Small pieces can work really well together to make a display. You can even put two or three themed pictures in a single lager frame with the right number of cut outs and you have yourself a diptych (2 pictures) or a triptych (3 pictures)

Curate and you will:


Now YOU have your very own art gallery, choose what YOU like:
Always remember: 




I spent many years in my education career helping my students be in the right space mentally and physically for their learning. 

My side hustle as a regional sports coach required that I had my own home office. A workspace where I could plan courses and keep my records. I made it mine and I was successful.

I can help you with your own workspace; at home or in the office.